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In October 2004 we introduced a new feature on our website called Our Projects. We will use it to tell you about some of the new and interesting projects that Advent Translation is working on.

1 December

On December 1, 2009 a press conference was held at the Swissotel Krasnye Holmy hotel in Moscow. It was dedicated to the creation of a joint venture between Ingosstrakh and ONDD. The Head of Ingosstrah Alexander Grigoriev informed the reporters that the new joint venture expected the registration of its expanded registered capital, which was increased from 120 million to 450 million Russian roubles. After that the company will commence operations. The Director General of Office National du Ducroire (ONDD) Yves Windelinx told the reporters that the joint venture Ingosstrakh ONDD Credit Insurance would first cover only Russia but would enter the CIS markets 3-4 years from now. Initially Ingosstrakh ONDD Credit Insurance will engage in credit insurance companies from such industries as pharmaceuticals, electronics, household appliances and food. Simultaneous interpreting for the event was provided by Advent Translation.

27-28 August Advent Translation at ROAD conference
31 May Advent Translation at L.U.C CHOPARD CLASSIC WEEKEND RALLY
9 April Advent Translation at Nobu opening
25 February Advent Translation and Naomi Campbell
4 July Advent Translation at Barclays aquisition of Expobank
21 June Advent Translation at GIRARD PERREGAUX sailing race
4 June Advent Translation at ROCKWOOL Alabuga groundbreaking ceremony
26-30 June Advent Translation brings Russia closer to DuPont
10 April Advent Translation helps with the IPO of VTB
26-29 March Advent Translation helps Russian companies obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification
2-4 March Advent Translation works with Mila Jovovich
26-28 February Advent Translation translates trainings for Bentley
14 February Advent Translation translates for Russian insurers
29 January Advent Translation at the opening of new Rolf dealerships in St. Petersburg
19 January Advent Translation provides simultaneous interpretation for Joe Verde trainings in New York
16 February Advent Translation at OAO Bolshevik Anniversary
15-17 February Advent Translation Works with Stella Tennant
7 February Advent Translation Helps Launch
26 January Advent Translation Translates Dupont Russian Coatings Press Conference.
12 January Advent Translation Translates Joe Verde Trainings
8 December Advent Translation at the Opening of Nokia Flagship Store
14-17 October Advent Translation on Mallorca
12 October Advent Translation Translates Lectures by the Princess of Kent
19-22 September Advent Translation Contributes to Fight against HIV/AIDS
5-9 September Advent Translation Works with Mike Tyson
2-5 September Advent Translation at Valdai Discussion Club
6-10 June Advent Translation Works with the Sultan of Brunei
18 May Advent Translation at Mega Belaya Dacha Ground Breaking Ceremony
12-15 April Advent Translation at Milia
18 January Advent Translation and Russia's Accession to the WTO
15–17 January The delegation of the European Green Party visited Moscow
11 November Delegation representing the international tobacco group Altadis arrived in Moscow
27 October The Eurasia Media Leaders Summit on HIV/AIDS was held in Moscow
26 October A seminar was held in Moscow at the Alexander House on the Romelt process for the production of pig iron
15–16 October Advent Translation provided interpreting services to the Extravaganza exhibition
12–14 October A seminar on environmental protection and issues concerning Russian entry into the Kyoto Protocol

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