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Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the translation of speech into another language in real time as the speaker speaks. Usually the interpreter is located in a booth and interpreted speech is fed into earphones and transmitted to all participants in the event. Simultaneous interpretation is one of the core competencies of Advent Translation. We work with the leading simultaneous interpreters for the main European languages. At the client’s request we can also supply the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting has a number of indisputable advantages over consecutive interpreting:

  1. efficiency in conducting international events in which several languages are used
  2. less expenditure of time and money: the event proceeds at its own pace regardless of the language of the speaker — this decreases the time necessary to hold the event and the material resources required
  3. convenience for the listeners: the participants can hear the presentation in the original language without interruption for translation

Consecutive Interpreting

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